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Aspire Publishing has a vision to support new and emerging authors through collaboration.

One of the most rewarding things about being an Aspire Author is being part of a scholarship fund for students wishing to study a major of the written word, such as creative writing, journalism, or communications. The fund allows our aspiring and emerging authors to invest and inspire tomorrow's future writers too.

Aspire Publishing is also a proud sponsor of RAG2017 hosted at Searles Castle. The first annual Reader Author Gathering will bring together all genres in an exclusive opportunity for lectures, breakout sessions, a book fair, raffles, free books, swag, networking, food, drinks, and more. Ticket and raffle proceeds will benefit a scholarship program for future writers. Space is extremely limited, so a book fair will also be open to the public following the event.

A scholarship committee is currently being selected. Once funds reach the goal amount, details on the selection process will be made available on this website. Details on the fund amounts will also be posted here following the RAG2017 fundraiser.